junior designer WORKS
Interests Graduated in industrial design from L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique I appreciate discovering new design fields, plan trips and follow the international cinema topical. Currently I am looking for a junior position or freelance!
Chapter 1 - Works
A real passion The users define the overall concepts development. I learned a global process where the aim is always to improve our way of life. User experience, design for all and sustainable design are at the center of my approach.
Chapter 2 - A methodology Chapter 3 - Values Chapter 4 - Experiences
London During my third year internship
at François Clerc design I started
to improve my skills in online
researches and 3D conception with Rhinoceros. Besides improving my english, I discovered new users experiences.
Amsterdam A second internship at Satyendra Pakhalé design studio allowed me to discover the field of furnishing and architecture. Annecy Following these agency experiences, I joined a multidisciplinary team (marketing, development, manufacturing) at Salomon.
I am curious about every new field. Each project is a discovery of something great! Passionate and optimistic I gained several skills during my studies and experiences abroad. I am able to understand and participate to all the step of industrial design process. I would love to discuss product design with you!
Chapter 5 - Vho I am
Yoann Legaignoux
Britanny FR 35000 Rennes GET IN TOUCH